Sunset restaurant in Phuket

Vero Trattoria & Wine Bar is a sensational sunset restaurant in Phuket. Known as one of the best on the island in fact. Sitting high on the cliff edge. Vero offers an elevated outlook over the Andaman Sea. Relax to the tune of crashing waves and a light sea breeze. Sunset hour is the most perfect time of the day and should be celebrated with the special people in your life.

Dinner at this beautiful sunset restaurant in Phuket will take your evening to the next level. Whether you love Italian food or not so much. You will fall in love with Vero for shore.


A sunset restaurant in Phuket like no other

There is nothing more romantic than gorgeous Italian food, a bottle of fine wine. And off course the ocean vista of Phuket as your backdrop for the night.

Open every day from 5pm for dinner. Vero is made for watching glorious sunsets. Depending on the time of year, the sun sets between 6-7pm. After a full day of swimming, shopping or sightseeing, a pre dinner drink at Vero is well deserved. And an idyllic start your evening. Visit for the views, and you’ll be tempted to stay for dinner.

Located at Naithon Beach, one of the last secret beaches on the island. This sunset restaurant in Phuket not only offers breathtaking views. It also offers a serene dining experience in a peaceful corner of Phuket. Naithon Beach is one of the Phuket beaches many visitors do not yet know about.

To make the most of this sunset restaurant in Phuket. We recommend to book a table on the outdoor terrace giving you front row seats to the most amazing ocean views. Arrive when the restaurant opens at 5pm and enjoy the Italian tradition of aperitivo. The perfect way to complement a glass of wine.

An aperitivo is a pre meal drink specifically meant to whet your appetite. The aperitivo is the most magical hour (or two) of the day in Italy. And what better way to enjoy this Italian tradition than at this sunset restaurant in Phuket. Each week Chef Nicolino and the culinary team source the best cold cuts and cheeses to craft antipasto boards for grazing pleasure. Pair this with a classic Italian cocktail. Think a Negroni or Spritz to warm you up for dinner. Enjoy bread and olives on the table, to soak up the classic combo of olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic.


The romance comes alive at this sunset restaurant in Phuket

Once the sun goes down, the romance starts at this sunset restaurant in Phuket. The ambient scenery of Vero is only made better by the true Italian cuisine.

For an interactive dinner, choose a few dishes and share with your loved ones. Not only will you each be able to try more superb dishes. It also provides for a more romantic and fun dining experience.

A usual meal in Italy spans over multiple courses. Designed to enjoy over many hours and washed down with fine Italian wine to enhance the food. A meal in Italy brings family and friends together; where the wine flows as freely as the conversation. In Italian custom sharing a meal together is something special. So, what better place to enjoy a special dinner than at this sunset restaurant in Phuket.

Treat your favourite person to dinner and sunset show at Vero. There really is nothing more special than a sunset meal with the one you love. A candlelit dinner on the outdoor terrace is simply picture perfect.


The menu puts the ‘M’ in amazing

The menu of this sunset restaurant in Phuket offers a vast array of options. A dish for every taste and occasion. Try a classic dry style pasta. Or signature risottos. Pizzas with a tomato sauce base to white or non tomato base pizzas topped with fresh local seafood or mushrooms. The Main courses feature dishes from the sea, from the land and from the grill. And not to mention the veal ossubucco served with polenta. Sheer comfort food. Also, the fresh fish of the day never disappoints.

Also, don’t forget to look out for the daily specials. The Blackboard specials change each day to add a little surprise and delight for return guests. Head Chef Nicolino has a little fun with fresh seasonal produce and traditional Italian flavours to add something new each day for guests to enjoy. Making this sunset restaurant in Phuket more than just a one hit wonder. Many guests return night after night to try new dishes and specials.


The must try dishes

With so many choices, here are a few must try dishes from Chef. Start with an antipasti platter of the day. Next, try a bruschetta or fresh salad. The yellow fin tuna with fragrant herbs, fennel and spinach leaves are great for fish lovers. While the wagyu carpaccio is melt in your mouth good. Add a side of creamy burrata for a little extra bite. Then, select a pizza and pasta. Both great options to share among the table. The white and gourmet pizzas offer a light and fresh option. Compared to the cheesy tomato base pizzas.

The Mediterranean style baked whole sea bass is the ideal main course at a sunset restaurant in Phuket. Seafood by the sea with a glass (or carafe) of white wine is a match made in Phuket. And if you still have room, finish your meal on a sweet note. We suggest the cassatta, a traditional ice cream based sweet from Sicily. Or try our take on the classic tiramisu. Without a doubt the most popular sweet treat from Italy.


Make a booking at this sunset restaurant in Phuket

If you’re looking for a sunset restaurant in Phuket. Then look no further than Vero.

This sunset restaurant in Phuket is a must try when you visit Phuket. If you are not staying at this Phuket resort you are still more than welcome to visit. The team at Pullman can help arrange a car from your hotel in Phuket. So everyone can try this most perfect sunset restaurant in Phuket.

As soon as you try this sunset restaurant in Phuket for the first time, you will definitely be back for more. Many resort guests dine at Vero each evening during their stay. The stunning seaside scenery is matched with a relaxing ambiance. Making it a great choice night after night.


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