For any steak lovers, come treat yourself and become and exclusive member of the Vero Steak Knife Club.

At Vero, we select top quality Australian cuts from Victoria. This ideal location provides the perfect climate for Angus cattle to develop the best flavor profile and marbling.

We offer you prime cuts from cattle that have been grain-fed for a minimum of 120 days, named best in class and awarded and gold medal, scoring a near perfect result of 95 out of a possible 100at the Australian Food Awards held by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

Interested? Please request the member card from our service team. Members who order from our steak menu will collect a stamp for each visit. Once you reach ten stamps, we will award you with a personalized engraved steak knife.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Vero Steak Knife Club Menu

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